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Helix Security brings a comprehensive and logical approach to ensuring your business is secure and safe. Offering fully-customized security solutions catered to the unique needs of your licensed cannabis business, we offer everything from digital security systems, armed, unarmed, and virtual security guards, and business security training for you and your staff.

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If you have a security guard checking ID’s at the front desk, they are the very first impression a customer has of your business. Our security guards are trained by the best of the best on cannabis business security and not only providing security to your business, but also providing a friendly face to your customers.

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Digital Security

Whether securing a dispensary, a grow facility, a processing laboratory, or all of the above, our digital security solutions offer you 24/7 visibility to every physical aspect of your business. Offering everything from video surveillance systems, alarm systems, access controls, closed circuit tv (CCTV)/DVR capabilities, and much more. Keep watch from anywhere, at any time, with mobile responsive real-time video monitoring.

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Physical Security

Helix Security exclusively employs military, law enforcement, security, and corrections veterans, that are able to bring a myriad of real-world experience and armed or unarmed skill sets to your cannabis business. From front-desk security and general patrol, to remote monitoring of your digital security systems.


Armed Guarding

Highly-skilled and regularly trained armed guards to protect your licenced cannabis business.

Unarmed Guarding

Our unarmed guards receive the same training in de-escalation, situational control, physical combat skills and industry-leading practices.

Access Control Systems

Many security incidents are a result of an insider. Know exactly who’s accessing your business and when.

Executive Protection

Physical security is only the beginning, protecting your digital assets is just as important as the business itself.



A necessity to any licensed cannabis business, not just for the protection and safety they provide, but for compliance requirements, depending on which state your cannabis business operates in.


Your first line of defense when your business is closed for the day. Often times, an alarm is all it takes to resolve a potential situation.

Access Control Systems

Many security incidents are a result of an insider. Know exactly who’s accessing your business and when.


Staff Training Courses

Most situations can be resolved before reaching physical violence or an altercation. Train your staff on de-escalation and situational control practices to address aggressive customers.

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Security Consulting

Many security providers will attempt to sell you everything, including the kitchen sink. Helix Security consulting provides an honest and intelligent approach to recommending the ideal security settings for your business.

Building Fortification

If someone wants to try and rob your business, don’t make it easy for them. We’ll set up brick and mortar fortification to make your cannabis business secure as a safe. Investigation – Helix Security will implement system


Helix Security will implement systems to avoid this in the first place, but in the event that an incident takes place, we will provide investigative services onsite at your cannabis business to help close the case.

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