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Oregon Producers Suffer Unnecessary Security Compliance Infractions

Oregon Producers Suffer Unnecessary Security Compliance Infractions

November 21, 2018

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) recently conducted a series of enforcement inspections focusing on cannabis producers throughout the state. The inspections focused on compliance surrounding the entire business and found that the majority of violations stemmed from improper inventory tracking and insufficient coverage of digital security systems such as cameras and alarm systems. The report states that the most common security compliance infractions were related to cameras not working or not providing proper coverage of the facility, which is an easy infraction to avoid. The inspections reviewed 56% of licensed indoor, outdoor, and mixed use cannabis growers. So what can your business do to avoid these common security compliance infractions and stay compliant in general?

Understand compliance in your state.

Each state has unique security compliance requirements and it’s essential that you, or someone at your business, understands them inside and out. Many companies offer comprehensive security consulting that will include full documentation on security compliance requirements in your state and specific to your business license type.

Get help from experts.

When it comes to cannabis compliance, you’re not alone in trying to navigate the murky waters and inconsistent regulatory frameworks that stem from the city and state regulatory bodies. Due to the high-profile nature of cannabis businesses and the fact that most operate in cash, security is paramount to protecting your investment and keeping your employees safe.

Structure security that makes sense.

Are you operating a 200,000 square foot cultivation warehouse, an extraction lab, or even a chain of dispensaries? Although the ultimate goal to each of these businesses is similar, the security requirements to protect them each will vary greatly. Security compliance consultants will recommend everything from 24/7 patrol guards to remote monitoring using digital security systems. Find a security compliance infrastructure that fits your business and doesn’t break the bank.

Consider cost vs. benefit.

When it comes to securing your licensed operation, your two biggest priorities are protecting your physical assets and protecting your people. The most expensive security system is not always the most ideal. Physical guards will address most situations, but remote monitoring is a fraction of the cost and provides the same value.

Unless you employ a security compliance expert, it’s too great of a risk to try and structure your security systems without proper expertise. Security compliance is only the bare minimum; safeguarding your investment and keeping your team members safe are cornerstones to the long-term success of any licensed cannabis business.

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