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5 Reasons to Use Virtual Guards Instead of Physical Guards

Virtual guard services, or live, “Eyes on video monitoring,” has become a popular solution in the security industry as of late. This should really come as no surprise when you consider how advanced the technology for virtual guarding is today, providing everything from cloud storage solutions to integration with building access controls and advanced analytics. Still, some businesses are hesitant to adopt this technology, so we thought we would put together a list of reasons you might want to include virtual guarding in your business’ security plan.

Enhanced Capacity

Human eyes are incredible, no doubt, but as the level of light diminishes so does their ability to see. This isn’t true when it comes to cameras. Today, low light technology and even night vision greatly enhance the capabilities of security cameras and the ability for the people watching the feed from those cameras to identify potential threats. This is of particular importance considering most crimes that take place after dark. Virtual guarding and the incredible technology that powers it can be a solid force behind protecting your business at night.

Faster & More Accurate Response

Should an incident occur, an on-site guard may have to engage with the threat prior to notifying authorities, hence slowing down the arrival of police or other emergency services. The guard may be taken by surprise in a situation and become unable to respond safely. Another concern is that the actions of the guard may create liabilities that could place your most important asset, your license, at risk.

On the other hand, a professionally trained team monitoring your cameras will immediately dispatch the appropriate emergency response and will relay vital details to dispatch regarding the location and actions of the people that are committing the crime. With the right hardware, they can even speak directly through a speaker at your business in order to deter the criminals from continuing on with the crime.

Cost Savings

As a business owner, you have to constantly monitor your bottom line, kind of like how virtual guards can constantly monitor your business. Thanks to economies of scale, virtual monitoring costs roughly a quarter of what paying an on-premise guard will cost you. These savings can then be reinvested into the company or used to enhance other aspects of your business’ security, like building fortification

Loss Prevention

It’s a sad reality but much of the crime that happens, especially in the cannabis industry, is committed by people who are close to the business, including employees. Typically, to make their presence known, physical guards will be visible either in front of the store or in the area where customers gather. This leaves a certain level of vulnerability in the areas that only employees are able to access. This is a key area in which virtual guards are useful in detecting and preventing internal shrinkage.

Greater Effectiveness

Physical security guards can be excellent deterrents to criminal activity but they do have their limitations. For starters, on-site guards can only be in one place at one time. It’s not possible for them to see all areas of the business at all times. Virtual guards are able to monitor every location both inside and outside of your property simultaneously. 

Helix Security Director of Sales and retired Deputy Sheriff, John DeLue, often tells business owners, “Guards protect people, virtual monitoring protects property.” The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to choose between having physical guards or virtual ones. John often recommends that businesses have physical security guards on location when their business is open to the public, then switching to the remote monitoring services once they close. 

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By Justin Mayhall, Marketing Manager at Helix Technologies

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