Our Guards

Helix Security is owned and operated by former veterans and ex-SWAT team members. From our leadership team down to our security guards, we exclusively employ professionals with direct experience on the front lines of combat, protection, and situational control.

Each guard receives in-house training in de-escalation, arrest control, baton skills, and much more, from our elite team of decorated and highly-skilled security professionals.

Our team members bring a myriad of real-world experience to your business to identify threats and provide preventative measures to stop a situation before it starts. In the event of an incident, guards are trained in situational management and train with our staff on a variety of resolution tactics. Unfortunately, the cannabis industry is still considered a high-value crime target due to the cash-only nature of many businesses and the potential for black market activity in non-legal states.

Don’t let your hard work and progress be compromised by something that could be prevented through digital and physical security services.

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