Business Security

Uniquely tailored security solutions designed for the specifications of the
compliance-centric cannabis industry.

Dispensary Security

Full service dispensary security to satisfy compliance requirements and create a safe and secure environment for your team, customers, and business. When it comes to the unique nature of dispensary operations, you need every edge you can get, which is why our customer service-centric security guards not only safeguard your business, but contribute directly to your brand with a friendly face to check ID’s.


Control a situation before it gets out of hand with basic protocol.


Retain an individual in the event that something unfolds.


Provide a friendly and welcoming team member to work as part of your dispensary brand.

Physical security services

Physical security services to cover every vulnerability surrounding your business. Whether you require guard patrols or a fortress-style setup, we can provide A-Z structural reinforcement and monitoring services to put your business on lockdown.

Front-desk security

We provide best-in-class security guards who are also trained to represent your brand.

General patrol

Create a presence that deters criminals in the first place with ongoing patrol.

Building fortification

Everything from locks and safes to bullet and blast proof doors and windows.

Digital Security Systems

As technology continues to dominate our world, digital security services provide comprehensive, around the clock coverage of your facilities without having to put an individual at risk. Watch over your business from anywhere with an internet connection, featuring mobile-responsive technology for smartphones and tablets.

Video surveillance systems

Comprehensive and strategically setup camera systems to cover every square inch of your facility.

Alarm systems

Often times a well-timed alarm system is all it takes to drive off a potential threat.

Access controls

Maintain restricted access to different areas of your establishment.

Virtual Guard “Eyes On” monitoring

24/7 monitoring services performed in-house by trained surveillance professionals. Provide around the clock coverage at a fraction of the cost of physical security guards. Learn more about remote monitoring or virtual guards.

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Compliance Packages


Depending on your state, various security practices and information are required as part of your regulatory compliance and cannabis business plans. Helix Security Services is able to satisfy every requirement on your license application, as well as provide the documentation you need to prove you’re operating a compliant business.

  Detailed Security Application Writing

  Floor Plans & Design Specifications

  Access Controls, Keys, Badging

  Camera & Alarm Systems

  Theft Prevention & Deterrence Measures

  Secured Transportation

  Diversion Prevention

  Inventory Storage

Virtual Guard ‘Eyes-On’ Monitoring


The most cost-effective approach to 24/7, live eyes-on monitoring of your cannabis business.


Our Virtual Guard “Eyes On” Video Monitoring program is the most cost-effective remote surveillance service available. With our trained surveillance professionals,  your business is monitored for suspicious and criminal events at all times directly from our in-house overwatch platform; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using our surveillance technology, our trained surveillance staff will leverage the power of technology to catch or completely deter criminals.

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Consulting and Assessment Services


Not sure what’s right for your cannabis business? Every business is different and it’s not always easy to understand your own vulnerabilities. Our expert consultants will identify all of the potential threats and vulnerabilities to your business and provide a detailed plan to resolve them each.

Experienced Professionals with Related Experience


Helix Security exclusively employs military, law enforcement, security, and corrections veterans, that are able to bring a myriad of real-world experience and armed or unarmed skill sets to your cannabis business.


“Helix has offered reliable service day in and day out. They make themselves available any time of day. They are really there for their clients.”

Ascend Cannabis, Denver

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