Security Services

End-to-end digital security services to protect your business
Safeguard your business
your team, and your future

Camera Systems

Cover every inch of your dispensary with strategically placed camera systems and monitor your business from anywhere in the world.

All you need is web access and you can monitor live HD video from these high-resolution security cameras on a PC or tablet, even on your smartphone.

Virtual Guard Remote Monitoring

The most cost-effective approach to 24/7 active monitoring. We’ll not only provide the digital security systems to your business, but our remote monitoring program provides our trained surveillance professionals to actively monitor your business security systems around the clock.

Alarm Systems

 Your very first line of defense when you’ve closed up shop for the night.

We offer a commercial grade security system featuring a full line of the best security products for your burglar/intrusion alarm system monitoring.

Restricted Access Controls

Not every employee needs access to the backroom. Access controls allow for selective restriction of access to any place or resource.

Whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your dispensary security needs.

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Compliance Packages


Depending on your state, various security practices and information are required as part of your regulatory compliance and cannabis business plans. Helix Security is able to satisfy every requirement on your license application, as well as provide the documentation you need to prove you’re operating a compliant business.

  Detailed Security Application Writing

  Floor Plans & Design Specifications

  Access Controls, Keys, Badging

  Camera & Alarm Systems

  Theft Prevention & Deterrence Measures

  Secured Transportation

  Diversion Prevention

  Inventory Storage

Virtual Guard ‘Eyes-On’ Monitoring


The most cost-effective approach to 24/7 active monitoring of your cannabis business.


Our Virtual Guard “Eyes On” Video Monitoring program is the most cost-effective remote surveillance service available. With our trained surveillance professionals,  your business is monitored for suspicious and criminal events at all times; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using our surveillance technology, our trained surveillance staff will leverage the power of technology to catch or completely deter criminals.

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Consulting and Assessment Services


Not sure what’s right for your cannabis business? Every business is different and it’s not always easy to understand your own vulnerabilities. Our expert consultants will identify all of the potential threats and vulnerabilities to your business and provide a detailed plan to resolve them each.


“Helix has offered reliable service day in and day out. They make themselves available any time of day. They are really there for their clients.”
Ascend Cannabis, Denver

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