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Denver Security Guard Training Certification

Security Guard Training Certification

Security Guard Training Certification

The city and county of Denver recently made some changes to the requirements for obtaining a Security Guard License that will now require individuals to undergo a certification from a state-approved provider. Are you familiar with the latest laws? It’s vital to stay up to date with the current regulations and laws, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We want to make sure that all of the information pertaining to a Security Guard License is up to date and easy to understand. Here are the latest security guard training requirements for Denver security guards:

Security Guard Training must be conducted by an Eligible Training Provider and Helix Cannabis Security was the first eligible training provider  (Provider #0001) in Denver. Security guards are expected to undergo at least sixteen hours of basic security training, in addition to any training required by the Executive Director of Safety for an armed license endorsement. Training topics may include but are not limited to: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); oleoresin capsicum (OC) aerosol spray; defensive tactics; handcuffs; report writing; safety; de-escalation; and communication protocols. There’s an additional 5 hours of classroom firearms instruction and 3 hours live fire range instruction required for armed endorsements, which must be conducted by an NRA or POST firearms instructor.

Security Guard Certificate Renewal:

Once you’ve received your Security Guard Training Certification and you’ve received your license, we recommend that you set a date on your calendar that’s at least 90 days before your renewal. Each guard is expected to perform 8 hours of annual training with an Eligible Training Provider, such as Helix, which is to be included when seeking a renewal of your application, in addition to training that may be required by the Executive Director of Safety for an armed license endorsement.

Renewal applications for security guard licenses must include:

-Verification that the annual 8 hours of training was completed no more than ninety days before the date the renewal application is filed.

-The applicant’s name,

-The courses that have been taken,

-The number of training hours obtained,

-The dates of training, and

-The name of the Training Provider.

Security Guards shall complete annual training requirements in any of the topic areas identified in the Denver Revised Municipal Code and these Rules.

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