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Please note; while we aim to keep these pages fully up to date with the latest information, cannabis laws are always changing. We encourage you to verify these rules and regulations in the official legal text, which we’ve linked throughout the page for your convenience.

For compliance requirements related to cannabis seed to sale tracking and reporting for growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries in Missouri, click here!

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Missouri Cannabis Business Security Requirements

*Please note that this section encompasses only the compliance requirements relevant to business security. Many parts of the rules and regulation shave been removed to focus exclusively on the security compliance aspects. To view the full set of rules and regulations for Missouri, click here!

Missouri Business Security Requirements for Cannabis Licensees

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3.2 Security Requirements

The Department shall issue any rules or emergency rules necessary for the implementation and enforcement of this section and to ensure the right to availability and safe use of marijuana for medical use by qualifying patients. In developing such rules or emergency rules, the Department may consult with other public agencies. In addition to any other rules or emergency rules necessary to carry out the mandate of this section, the Department may issue rules or emergency rules relating to the following subjects:

  • Security requirement for any premises licensed or certified pursuant to this section including, at a minimum, lighting, physical security, video, alarm requirements, and other minimum procedures for internal control as deemed necessary by the Department to properly administer and enforce the provisions of this section, including reporting requirements for changes, alterations or modifications to the premises.

Missouri is still in the process of finalizing all rules and regulations pertaining to medical marijuana. If you have any questions pertaining to the application process for Missouri or security requirements feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.


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Your staff isn’t expected to stop criminals in action, but ensuring your staff is trained on security best practices can provide essential steps in de-escalation, situational control, and threat identification to allow team members to resolve a situation before it arises.

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At Helix Cannabis Security, we consider it a cannabis security best practice to have guards on-site at your facility at all times that people are present. If people are not present on the premise, there’s no need to risk the safety of a security guard. Remote monitoring provides the same, high-level attention and security, without risking a guards life, or incurring unnecessary costs.

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