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Please note; while we aim to keep these pages fully up to date with the latest information, cannabis laws are always changing. We encourage you to verify these rules and regulations in the official legal text, which we’ve linked throughout the page for your convenience.

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New Jersey Cannabis Business Security Requirements

*Please note that this section encompasses only the compliance requirements relevant to business security. Many parts of the rules and regulation shave been removed to focus exclusively on the security compliance aspects. To view the full set of rules and regulations for New Jersey, Click Here!


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New Jersey Business Security Requirements for Cannabis Licensees

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8:64-9.7 Security

  • (a) Each alternative treatment center shall provide effective controls and procedures to guard against theft and diversion of marijuana including, when appropriate, systems to protect against electronic records tampering.
  • (b) At minimum, each alternative treatment center shall:
    • 1. Install, maintain in good working order and operate a safety and security alarm system at its authorized physical address(es) that will provide suitable protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week against theft and diversion and that provides, at a minimum:
      • i. Immediate automatic or electronic notification to alert State or local police agencies to an unauthorized breach of security at the alternative treatment center; and
      • ii. A backup system that activates immediately and automatically upon a loss of electrical support and that immediately issues either automatically or electronic notification to State or local police agencies of the loss of electrical support;
    • 2. Implement appropriate security and safety measures to deter and prevent the unauthorized entrance into areas containing marijuana and the theft of marijuana;
    • 3. Implement security measures that protect the premises, registered qualifying patients, registered primary caregivers and principal officers, directors, board members and employees of the alternative treatment center;
    • 4. Establish a protocol for testing and maintenance of the security alarm system;
    • 5. Conduct maintenance inspections and tests of the security alarm system at the ATC’s authorized location at intervals not to exceed 30 days from the previous inspection and test and promptly implement all necessary repairs to ensure the proper operation of the alarm system;
    • 6. In the event of a failure of the security alarm system due to a loss of electrical support or mechanical malfunction that is expected to last longer than eight hours:
      • i. Notify the Department pursuant to N.J.A.C. 8:64-9.8; and
      • ii. Provide alternative security measures approved by the Department or close the authorized physical addresses impacted by the failure or malfunction until the security alarm system is restored to full operation;
    • 7. Keep access from outside the premises to a minimum and ensure that access is well controlled;
    • 8. Keep the outside areas of the premises and its perimeter well lighted.
      • i. Exterior lighting must be sufficient to deter nuisance and criminal activity and facilitate surveillance and must not disturb surrounding businesses or neighbors;
    • 9. Provide law enforcement and neighbors within 100 feet of the ATC with the name and phone number of a staff person to notify during and after operating hours to whom they can report problems with the establishment;
    • 10. Equip interior and exterior premises with electronic monitoring, video cameras and panic buttons.
      • i. A video surveillance system shall be installed and operated to clearly monitor all critical control activities of the ATC and shall be in working order and operating at all times. The ATC shall provide two monitors for remote viewing via telephone lines in State offices. This system shall be approved by the MMP prior to permit issuance.
      • ii. The original tapes or digital pictures produced by this system shall be stored in a safe place with a 30-day archive;
    • 11. Limit entry into areas where marijuana is held to authorized personnel;
    • 12. Consistently and systematically prevent loitering, that is, the presence of persons who are not on-duty personnel of the ATC and who are not ATC registrants engaging in authorized ATC dispensary activity; and
    • 13. Provide onsite parking.


8:64-9.8 Reportable events

  • (a) An ATC, upon becoming aware of a reportable loss, discrepancies identified during inventory, diversion or theft, whether or not the medicinal marijuana, funds or other lost or stolen property is subsequently recovered and/or the responsible parties are identified and action taken against them, shall:
    • 1. Immediately notify appropriate law enforcement authorities by telephone; and
    • 2. Notify the permitting authority immediately but no later than three hours after discovery of the event.
  • (b) The ATC shall notify the permitting authority within 24 hours by telephone at (609) 826- 4935, followed by written notification within 10 business days, of any of the following:
    • 1. An alarm activation or other event that requires response by public safety personnel;
    • 2. A breach of security;
    • 3. The failure of the security alarm system due to a loss of electrical support or mechanical malfunction that is expected to last longer than eight hours; and
    • 4. Corrective measures taken, if any.
  • (c) An ATC shall maintain documentation in an auditable form for a period of at least two years after the reporting of an occurrence that is reportable pursuant to this section.


8:64-10.2 Accessibility of marijuana storage areas

  • (a) An ATC shall limit access to medicinal marijuana storage areas to the absolute minimum number of specifically authorized employees.
    • 1. When it is necessary for employee maintenance personnel, nonemployee maintenance personnel, business guests or visitors to be present in or pass through medicinal marijuana storage areas, the ATC shall provide for adequate observation of the area by an employee whom the permit holder specifically authorized by policy or job description to supervise the activity.
  • (b) Each alternative treatment center shall ensure that the storage of usable marijuana prepared for dispensing to patients is in a locked area with adequate security.
    • 1. For purposes of this section, “adequate security,” at a minimum, shall be assessed, established and maintained based on:
      • i. The quantity of usable marijuana kept on hand;
      • ii. The alternative treatment center’s inventory system for tracking and dispensing usable marijuana;
      • iii. The number of principal officers, directors, board members, agents, volunteers or employees who have or could have access to the usable marijuana;
      • iv. The geographic location of the alternative treatment center and its associated environmental characteristics, such as the remoteness of the facility from local populations and the relative level of crime associated with the area;
      • v. The scope and sustainability of the security alarm system; and
      • vi. The findings of root cause analyses of any breaches of security and/or inventory discrepancies for usable marijuana at that location.

You can view the program webpage here.

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