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Are your software and inventory tracking needs covered?

Our sister-company, BioTrackTHC, provides full vertical seed to sale tracking and dispensary point of sale solutions!

BioTrackTHC track and trace cannabis software

Cultivation Operations

Closely monitor thousands of plants in BioTrackTHC’s easy-to-use cultivation grid, while logging strain notes to monitor genealogy and ongoing clone potency, optimize your future yields and watering/nutrient cycles; all while staying compliant.

BioTrackTHC cannabis track and trace software

Processing and Manufacturing

Convert multiple barcodes and any variation of product conversions you please. Easily stay compliant while managing your inventory down to the exact milligram.

BioTrackTHC cannabis point of sale software

Dispensary Point of Sale

Monitor thousands of products through a single, user-friendly interface. Automatically keep track of expiration dates, product recalls, and test results, keeping you safe from legal complications.