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Virtual Guard Command Center or Remote Monitoring

Virtual Guard or “Eyes On” Remote Monitoring

Did you know that a virtual guard, or remote monitoring is an effective alternative to security guards? Commonly referred to as “Eyes On” Virtual Guarding or Remote Monitoring, this is the practice of having trained surveillance professionals monitor your business’ security cameras from a remote location.

When it comes to securing your cannabis business, the Helix Cannabis Security golden rule is; Physical Guards protect people, Virtual Guards protect property. When you have people present at your business, then security guards must also be present. However, once you’ve closed up for the night and your staff has left the premises, there’s no reason to undertake the high costs of hourly security guards, nor risk the life of an individual. Since it’s considered a security best practice to have live, around the clock visibility, Virtual “Eyes On” Guarding is a cost-friendly alternative to always having eyes on your business without the hefty costs of overnight security guards.

Remote monitoring is the most cost-effective approach to 24/7 visibility and oversight of your cannabis business.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cannabis business is being watched over by our trained, in-house surveillance professionals who will monitor your security cameras and monitoring systems from a remote location. Most companies outsource remote surveillance duties to an offshore location and are only event based, meaning that your surveillance feeds will only be monitored if an event (such as movement on your cameras or alarms being set off) triggers your systems to be monitored. Helix Cannabis Security protects your business with our own trained security guards from our command center within our headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Our team members have constant “Eyes On”, and have the ability to sound alarms, communicate over 2-way loudspeakers, and promptly alert your local authorities in the case of potential incidents.

Virtual Guard Command Center or Remote Monitoring

Using our surveillance technology, our trained surveillance staff will leverage the power of technology to catch or completely deter criminals prior to a successful break-in, for a fraction of the cost compared physical guarding

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